FAAN Conference, Tarrytown

I’ve never been to a Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) event before. My assumption was that it was mainly focused on families and kids and, as you know, I advocate for adults with food allergies.

What I discovered was that the daylong seminar was a great primer (and reminder) for newly allergic folks; geared toward for families and extended families of food allergic children but appropriate for food allergic adults too.

(I Tweeted the whole times, lots of interesting info bits: http://twitter.com/allergicgirl. Foodallergybuzz was there too tweeting away: http://twitter.com/foodallergybuzz)

I couldn’t possible summarize hours worth of incredibly valid and valuable information in one post. All I can say is: Get educated, get motivated, connect with community and get reliable information. If there's a FAAN event in your city, consider attending.

If you have food allergies and want to learn how I dine out successfully (among other strategies for survival), join me for a family or adult Worry-Free Dinners event either in NYC, or selected cities, throughout the year.

Whether you or your family has been newly diagnosed or you’ve had food allergies a long time, it’s always worth it to continue to educate yourself, to meet and connect with others in the food allergic community and to know you are not alone.

Thank you FAAN for an educational and fun day.


Jane Anne said…
I have never been to a FAAN event. I bet it was wonderful. I am pretty new to twitter but I am learning it can be a great resource, as well. I am going there to start following.

It is Food Allergy Awareness Week. Read my latest allergy post: Kindergarten Orientation was Exciting
Unknown said…
I tend to go to FAAN conferences every other year. Much of the morning is a repeat for the "seasoned food allergy family or individual". I like how lunch is set up by zip code, allowing you to meet others who live near you.

Maybe there could be a break-out session in the morning for those who already know the food allergy basics.

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