My mother has been on a smoothie kick recently and has been dying to buy me the machine so I can make them too.

“But I already have a blender; I don’t need another machine,” I reply.

I really don't have room on my counter top. Between allergen-friendly food samples, a small rice cooker, an electric kettle and dry goods like oats, raw sugar and pasta, well, real estate is scarce. NYC kitchens are notoriously small, even for well-known New York Times food writers.

However, mother and the New York Times are right. The hot season is coming around, again, when all I'll want to eat is something cool and sweet - no more stews or soups or large hunks of meat.

So it’s nice to see this piece in the New York Times about blended smoothies, a reminder to dust off the blender and start blending.


zia said…
Mmm sounds good. You know I've been thinking about making smoothies with coconut milk. I bet that would taste wonderful!

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