It’s So Easy

Sometimes, it’s just so easy.

Saturday was an afternoon lunch with my grade school girlfriends and their babies. It was hosted by the lovely Yael (her jewelry is gorge, check it out: YaelSonia). She knows I have allergies natch but I texted her in the morning asking if I should bring my lunch just to make it easier? She texted me back the menu: bagels, cheese, turkey, salad and that if I wanted to bring my own carb or even my own lunch that was fine with her.

So easy, no drama, no hurt feelings; just a very easy drama-free exchange.

I stopped at Candle Café for a veggie plate (it’s really what I wanted for lunch) and I’m glad I did because salmon was on the menu (one of my Kryptonites) and cantaloupe in the fruit salad for dessert (I had freshly washed cherries instead).

Bringing my own lunch in it’s own container meant I could eat my lunch with everyone else without the stress of where has the fork been, who touched the salmon and then touched my salad? All those worries were eliminated.

Isn’t that easy? Uh, hell yes!

These are some of my safest girls .

Do you have safe friends in your life? Ones that get it? Support your needs without question? Without drama?

Do tell.


Tara said…
Isn't it great to have people who are so supportive and understanding of FA needs? I love that so many of Ava's friends' moms "get" that I would rather be safe than sorry or else go out of their way to get the "safe" meal options that they have had with us in the past. And even better-- the fact that Ava has been known to ask "where is my special safe treat?" at parties and gatherings. I think seeing her grown up friend Sloane deal with FA has been a HUGE help! :)

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