Potluck Tonight

I was invited to a gluten free potluck this evening and I’m bringing dessert. At least I’ll know there’s one thing I can eat. Behold, Namaste Blondies with Enjoy Life chocolate chips cooling near my window sill right now.

TIP: I’m bringing the empty Namaste/EL packaging with me for anyone who wants to know ingredients.


Jane Anne said…
I always bring dessert. That way my PA son never misses out on the sweets. Have fun tonight! Those Blondies look delicious.
Jenny said…
That is a great idea about bringing the packaging. Only an Allergic Girl would think of that one.

I have commented on so many of your posts today...I've been missing out on some good stuff!
Kelly said…
Ah those look awesome!!! Smart tip about bringing the package!
Alisa said…
OH man, that combo is pure addiction. Look out!

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