Namaste Foods, Blondies

I’ve been dreaming about these since I read Alisa's post, from GoDairyFree, about making them.

A few weeks back I was at an upstate Price Chopper. They have a new natural foods section and they carried many of the Namaste mixes. Woo hoo! I can never seem to find them at the Union Square Whole Foods, my usual haunt. I happily bought the Blondie mix to try. For days, I kept taking them down from the shelf and placing them back; when to make an entire 9x13 pan of Blondies and to whom should I feed them?

Ms. GlutenFreeGuide invited to me a holiday party and after going through the entire menu to make sure there were Allergic Girl friendly snacks (thanks again, Ms. GlutenFreeGuide !), she asked if I’d like to bring an AG friendly dessert. Aha, this was the perfect excuse to make the Namaste Blondies, see how they really taste and also bring them somewhere else so I didn’t end up eating the entire pan myself.

Truth be known, Ms. GoDairyFree's post looked so inviting, that after I mixed the mix, spread it in a pan and sprinkled some Enjoy Life chocolate chips on top, I couldn't help but take some pix to try and replicate her money shot.

Namaste and Enjoy Life , what a marriage!

My-pan's-in-the-oven shot:

The finished goodies:

And the taste result? Oh. My. God. The Namaste Blondie mix delivers a truly decadent result.

I had to bring the entire 9x13 pan to the party save one or two squares which brought share with my theater buddies the next night who kept saying, "How did you make these? They're what? Gluten-free?" People were swooning.

The Namaste Blondie mix is definitely swoon-worthy.


Oh those look so yummy! We will be trying those very soon. Thanks for sharing :)
Alisa said…
Aren't they heavenly?! So glad you liked them!
Catherine said…
Thanks for making such a yummy AG friendly dessert for the party!
newg said…
I love the Namaste mixes!!
Allergic Girl® said…
janeen: let me know what you think!

alisa, this was my ode to you, you inspired this post, completely. and you were right, a delicious mix.

catherine, it was pleasure to watch blondie happiness spread on the faces of those non-GF folks who loved them [even though they had no wheat].

gwendolyn, glad to hear from you, are there other mixes that you like from namaste?

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