Bob Fisher,

Recently, I had a chance to sit down with world traveler and fellow food allergic person [he has peanut allergies], Bob Fisher.

The man travels the world.

With food allergies.

He is my new hero.

You can read the interview online at

I hope you find him as inspiring as I do!


Anonymous said…
Our tip: Do make sure before leaving home that you have multiple epi-pens (if you don't always have multiples on you, which you should) because they can be hard to replace abroad. We had to beg one off of a German emergency room at 4am.

(Interestingly, it is called a "kuli," there, also).
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks wheatlessbay!

there was an article in the NYT a few years back that suggested bringing 2 Epi-epns with you everywhere, not merely overseas.
Anonymous said…
Great interview, Sloanne! 12-15 allergy-related ER trips and still going? Now, that's courage!

- Ruth
Anonymous said…
Absolutely, two epi-pens everywhere. Still, if you use one up and want two to carry on, or just for the trans-Atlantic flight home, you've got to find it in a strange land.

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