Executive Chef Jeffrey Brana, The Raleigh Hotel

At The Raleigh Hotel, in early November, I had a great sit-down with Executive Chef Jeffrey Brana about food allergies. Chef’s anaphylactically allergic to the fungus family. You can read that interview and his tips about navigating the dining experience on MyAllergyNetwork.com.


After the interview, Chef Brana treated me to a very juicy burger, so yum! I mean, juice dripping down my chin good.

When he suggested I return later that week when they were rolling out his menu how could I say no? I happily returned and brought friends.

Oy, oy oy. Note to self: don’t go to a resto’s first night when they are rolling out a new menu, with new staff--it was an expensive, small comedy of errors. At least The Raleigh Hotel is a gorgeous outdoor dining spot; hard to complain when you are under the stars and palms trees.

For you fellow allergic diners, the crucial part of the story is what all of that comedy/tragedy going on I didn’t get allergic to anything. The staff was very careful with my needs and my dinner. I had the chicken, which was succulent. It was cooked in a modified sous vide method, served in a winey au jus and chanterelle sauce:

Super yum. Thank you again GM Nick and Chef Brana!

If the juicy juice burger and succulent chicken are any indication of future goodness coming out of The Raleigh Hotel's kitchen, I look forward to eating allergen-free there again very soon.

Raleigh Hotel
1775 Collins Avenue,
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
Phone: (305) 534-6300
Fax: (305) 538-8140


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