Crave on 42nd, NYC

Shari and I checked out Crave on 42nd last night in the freezing rain. I was warmly welcomed by Chef Dave Martin, himself, Top Chef alum and now Executive Chef of this westerly outpost.

I mentioned that I had meant to call in about my Allergic Girl needs. Quick as a flash, Chef Dave picked up a pad and paper, wrote down my allergies, went through the menu in his mind, aloud, about what they use in the kitchen typically: no nut oils and nuts easy to stay away from; no soybean oil and a dedicated fryer with fresh oil today; no flour thickeners in the soups or in sauces; fish/shellfish obvious to avoid.

“Cool,” he said, “Look over the menu and tell me what looks good to you and then I can make any modifications necessary. But this won’t be a problem.”

Excellent. I had a tender, juicy roasted chicken with roasted asparagus. The chopped salad looked good as well as the chicken burger, which is one my list to try next time. Chef Dave Martin, brought out some home made pickles for us to sample for the new burger he is creating [he’s in the bun-testing stage]. The pickles were sweet and slightly spiced, allspice and tumeric added an interesting dimension to the brine. I love sweet pickles and these made me very happy.

Located at the end of theater row on 12th avenue and west 42nd street, this American bistro would be an easy pre-theater dinner pick. With Chef Dave Martin's gracious and welcoming attitude, I’m looking forward to returning, especially to try that burger with pickles!

Crave on 42nd


K Allrich said…
How cool, indeed to encounter such a generous chef.

Have a healthy, safe and wonderful New Year 2008!
Allergic Girl® said…
he was great. i'm looking forward to trying his chicken burger next time.

happy and healthy new year to you karina!

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