Halloween Candy, Allergy Moms

"Keep in mind that NO candy is safe for everyone. Having said that here are some varieties that are “safe” for a variety of allergies. Remember to READ THE LABEL every time, even if it’s a candy you’ve purchased previously. Many times, Halloween versions will contain different ingredients. Be Safe: All treats, No tricks!"

The above quote is from food allergy blogger Gina Clowes, of AllergyMoms.com about safe treats for all hallow's eve. Go get your candy on!


Mom.Wife.Me said…
I have 3 small children. I forgot alll about halloween candy. Thank you for posting this. I am new to dealing with these allergies and I am learning something everyday. Thanks again for this reminder.
Jenna said…
Betty Crocker just sent me a sample of their Snack packs...all gluten free. No nuts. Fruit by the foot, Fruit roll ups and fruit gushers, they all come individually packaged and would make great halloween candy! I'm giving away a package on my blog too!

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