ScanAvert, Food Allergies

This information about ScanAvert came to me through a doctor friend. He gets all the latest about medical advances that are linked to technology through MedGadet. ScanAvert looks potentially kinda cool (NB: I haven't tried it).

These are a few food allergy applications that we’ve all heard about that have entered the market (usually for the iPhone) that assist with either making smarter, allergy-free meal choices when dining out or giving ingredients of certain items to avoid your particular allergen. I haven’t written about them because I figured most of you have heard about them by now through other fabulous food allergy bloggers.

However, I hadn't heard about this one yet. What’s most interesting to me about ScanAvert is that it seems to cover more than just allergies like how medication and food can interact adversely. Important information that and something the applications don't cover (that I know of). From the ScanAvert website:

“Fifty percent of Americans take prescribed drugs, often unaware they are ingesting substances that are contra-indicative. ScanAvert offers a simplified method to avoid consuming substances in foods and OTC remedies that may interfere with the effectiveness of a prescription drug at the point of sale of those consumable products..”

If any of you try it out, let me know.


sally said…
I'm looking into getting an HTC aria (preferable to the iPhone) and ScanAvert is the only app I've seen of its kind for droid. I guess I'll have to be the first ever... update to come :D

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