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Remember when we talked about the retro-trend of put raw eggs in drinks to get them frothy? And how if you have an egg allergy you must tell your bartender? Well, seems the NYC DOH got wind of this eggy practice and is cracking down – forgive the pun.

New York Times: Things Get Messy When Bartenders Crack an Egg

“…on that fateful evening, an inspector from the New York City Department of Health cited Pegu Club, at 77 West Houston Street in SoHo, for serving the MarTEAni without telling the customer who ordered it that it contained raw egg. The notice said it was a serious infraction that required a court appearance… Raw eggs are among the ingredients most fervently embraced by cocktail revivalists who have sought out new techniques and circled back to classic recipes. And the MarTEAni is a signature drink at a bar that is seen as a paragon of the new cocktailians. Venturesome barkeeps are finding themselves at the intersection of public health and culinary technology. So the citation has led some mixologists to think twice before cracking a shell, and has sparked passionate dialogue — not to mention feverish texting and online outrage — over how far government should go to protect the public from itself."

Also, a story in Nation's Restaurant News.

Best to ALSO tell the bartender if you have any allergies, remember this cautionary tale?


Anonymous said…

Not disclosing egg clearly just seems dumb on so many levels: whether it's allergy, vegan diet, pregnancy or a host of other. My egg-allergic 8 year old is still a long way from all this, but it's one more important bit of learning.

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