Drew Brees, Food Allergies

Like the Judith Jones thing, this article simply doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not a doctor but an IgE mediated allergic reaction isn’t about flagging energy levels or the cause of restless nights. Could be faulty reporting but this Wall Street Journal story simply makes no sense to this Allergic Girl. [Thanks to @glutenfreefox on Twitter for alerting me to it.]

From the Wall Street Journal Magazine:
In 2004, after discovering he had nearly a half-dozen food allergies, Brees re-engineered his diet, and almost immediately got more energy (he has slowly reintroduced certain foods like eggs and peanuts in moderation). “Now when I cheat and eat things I’m not supposed to, I’ll toss and turn and kick in bed and my wife knows I’ve been eating something I shouldn’t. She has extra incentive to keep my diet in check.”


I read that too and it was a red flag. When my son eats something he shouldn't we either have to give Benadryl or use the EPI Pen. There's no middle ground for any trouble sleeping. Of course I don't know the whole story so I'm not judging. I'm just saying...
My son still likes the fact that he and Drew have the same allergies. He feels like he has a food allergy buddy :) I'm not going to tell him that it might not be quite the same.
Marisa said…
Drew Brees also eats gluten free so perhaps the newspaper just collectively called them all allergies. I've seen many a story that referred to "gluten allergies" instead of gluten intolerance.
Unknown said…
Allergies can often cause sleep problems.


I agree that he probably has intolerances rather than allergies, but don't discount the symptoms too fast.
Meg said…
Actually, you can be allergic or sensitive to a food (most people prefer to use the wood sensitive if it is not life-threatening) and have reactions such as this. Allergic reactions can be delayed as much 24 hours, and can cause just about any symptom under the sun, including sleeplessness and energy loss. These sensitivities are obviously such more difficult to figure out, as the only way to do it is through an elimination diet- leaving out foods for a week before trying them again, and repeating.

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