BRGuest, Food Allergen Training

Sunday Night - last Mother's Day

“Hi,” I said to my server. “We called earlier. I have some food allergies that I wanted to let you and the kitchen know about.”

“Of course. I have to say, nuts and fish allergies scare the hell out of me.”

I smiled, “Ha! Those are my allergies. And they scare me too.”

“Don’t worry,” Our server said, “We take all allergies very seriously. We will ensure that you have a safe meal and a great evening. And I personally am very cautious. I don’t want anyone getting sick at any of my tables.”

We continued to talk about allergies and our server’s awareness. We exchanged names (always makes things nicer) and he told me how he worked with another restaurant group that did great food allergen (and wine) training. He was reluctant to say which group (understandable, he's at Faustina now) so I guessed.

"Was it BRGuest?"


Now that I know BRGuest intimately, and I know who created their food allergen training (the excellent Laurel Cudden) and I know the chefs who continue to work on it with Worry-Free Dinners (yay, Chef Meghan Young and Chef Paul Sale), I knew I was in great hands with our server. Even though were we now at Faustina, a Scott Conant resto (not connected with BRGuest in any way), training is training: it stays with you.

So what did we eat? This daughter had braised short ribs which were melt in your mouth good. My mom (fish/shelfish allergic) had suckling pig with homemade pasta. Daughter Kunjali (shellfish allergic) had the red snapper and non-allergic mom Pallavi had lobster risotto. We practically licked our plates. Our server's handling of my food allergic needs and the yummy food, made for an easy evening of wine, laughter and mother/daughter-ness.

I would go back to Fasutina but I'd need to be sitting in this particular server’s station. So, this isn’t so much a Fasutina review (I’ve only been once and I rarely review on one visit) but more of a "Yay!" for BRGuest training specifically and good food allergen training and awareness generally.

I hope you all had an allergen-free, lovely, laughter filled Mother’s Day.


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