Food Allergy Counseling

Food Allergy Counseling
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Allergic Girl, New York Daily News, 2010

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking to the New York Daily News about dining out in New York City with food allergies. And then we did a photo shoot! How fun. Here are some outtakes, taken by my assistant.

Me and red chard:

Those radishes were dirty:

Here's the lovely photographer:

And...that was the same day Shauna James Ahern, Gluten-Free Girl, was strolling through the park.

(After the Daily News shoot, Shauna and I made a YouTube video which you can see here.)

Here’s the NY Daily News finished article:

And finally, here are my best tips for dining out and here are my recommendations for dining in NYC.

Thanks again, NY Daily News for shedding light on this important topic!

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