Jennie’s Pound Cake Minis

When I was in grade school for dessert there was always the option of pound cake, either plain or marbled. It was one slice, individually wrapped and as I recall, we all looked forward to the pound cake slices days at lunch. It was a moist yellow cake, fragrant with vanilla and memories. Also very commercial tasting - as I know now - like TastyKake or Sara Lee. Not knocking that – I loved the stuff - just saying.

If you, like me, had those pound cake slices in your youth and remember them fondly, I think you will really like the new product Jennies has introduced, especially if also like me you are some version of wheat-free (intolerant, allergic, celiac or gluten-free by choice.)

Jennies makers of those delicious coconut macaroons that I adore are now making, “… Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free, Peanut-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Casein-Free, Trans Fat-Free and Kosher Pareve” little pound cakes. These mini-cakes come in three varieties: plain, marbled and raisin. Arnold, owner of Jennies sent me the plain and marbled to try and of those two I thought the plain was the most successful one. It has that same soft crumb, vanilla fragrance and light yellow cake, the texture and taste are generally lighter than its forbearer, not a true pound in that buttery, sugary, wheat flour way but an excellent and very edible cousin. And even better, these goodies are shelf-stable as in no refrigeration needed. They can hang out in the pantry or your purse. I could see cubing these up to make individual trifles or dunking the cubes in molten chocolate for fondue. They are that yum.

A quick word about Jennies macaroons and gluten-free mini-pound cakes tree nut free status. Two years ago when I reviewed Jennies coconut macaroons, this is what the then VP Lisa said in an email that she gave me permission to reprint:

" How does a company that makes almond macaroons have a almond-free facility? This is what Lisa, VP of Sales at Jennies Macaroons told me: “Jennies is a peanut-free and almond-free facility. The almond macaroons do not have almonds in them; rather they are flavored with an almond extract. The almond flavoring does not contain any actual almond or any other nut. It is a taste which comes from apricot pits.”

Recently, I circled back with owner Arnold and asked him via email about the new facility and their tree nut free status. Here was his reply:
"We are still nut free, peanut free, soy free, as well as lactose and casein free."

Any more questions or concerns, contact Jennies and ask them about your needs. Meanwhile, it’s tea and pound cake time for me. Thank you, Jennies!

Jennies Gluten Free Bakery
twitter: @macaroonking


I think this exact product line (packaging too) used to be made by New Harvest Naturals and I have been trying to confirm. We have carried them at Return to Eden over the last year, but there were manufacturing issues. I am wondering if Jennies just took over the line and improved it.

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