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There’s been quite a bit of traction about the new food allergies guidelines. Here are some of the media outlets that have covered the story.

The Washington Post

USA Today


LA Times

Baltimore Sun


US News

Time Magazine


And here’s two links from NIH:

You can order free copies of the summary of the guidelines here. And here’s some information about food allergies written just for patients. The link includes a pdf of the Food Allergy booklet which will also be available for free in very early January.


subaruthie said…
I understand that there is no conclusive proof to back any recommendations for introducing foods to infants or for restricting diet in a breastfeeding mother, but the NIH website makes it appear as though it's okay for a four month old to eat peanut butter, whole eggs, or milk!!! ( My gut instinct tells me that this can't be right, but maybe it's just that I'm so used to restricting the foods that come into our home to keep my husband safe.

It's really difficult to handle this type of info as it flip-flops every few years, and I think that there will eventually be some middle ground recommendations.

But as the mother of a 5.5 month old who has only ever known breastmilk, it's even more stressful to wonder if I'm doing the right thing! Will he end up with EoE or allergies to soy, egg, milk, shellfish, and fruits like his dad? Will he come up with new ones to challenge my culinary skills further?

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