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I’m lactose intolerant; I’m no longer producing the stomach enzyme needed to break down milk sugars. Even after five-six years since this manifested, I’m still sorting out how much dairy I can tolerate, with or without Lactaid pills, before it affects my stomach.

NB: Here’s what Green Valley Organics says about the difference between a dairy allergy and a dairy intolerance, a crucial distinction. Talk to your personal medical provider about your needs.

I met the Green Valley Organics lactose-free and Redwood Hill Farms goat’s milk people at the Natural Products Expo East earlier this Fall and was delighted when they sent me some products to try. They sent me enough to share with the professional chef who catered my birthday and we made ice cream out it. So good. (Here’s us shopping and buying extra yogurt and here’s the resultant kefir based ice cream video.)

Green Valley Organics: The yogurts I tried, honey and strawberry flavored, were silky and creamy. They have pro-biotics like any yogurt as well as an added enzyme lactase to help one digest the cow’s milk based products easier. Compared to normal yogurt I had one urp versus four. Pretty good ratio.

Redwood Hill Farm: The goat’s milk products (both yogurt and kefir) took me to a whole new level of completely urp-free yum. I’ve heard that goat’s milk is an easier product to digest for those of us who are lactose intolerant and I personally found that to be true, even compared to the GVO lactose-free yogurt. Lactose-free = fewer urps. Goat = no urp.

Then there's the taste. When it comes to yogurt there are those who like it tangy and those that don’t. I’m in that tangy camp. And having tasted the Redwood Hill Farm delicious goat’s milk-based products, I don’t know that I will be going back to cow’s milk any time soon.

Thank you Green Valley Organics and Redwood Hill Farm for the samples and the introduction to something new!


Green Valley Organics is a new brand launched by Redwood Hill Farm, a family business founded in 1968 now that owns and operates both product lines. They take pride in their animals and their products. Have questions about their products? They want to hear from you. Contact them, reach out: ask them your questions and then consider trying some goatiness.


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