"Ask the Expert" for FAAN Members

Below is a fun way to engage the experts for members of The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network.

Here's a press release from FAAN:

We know you have questions. And we can get you answers. FAAN members can send their questions to member@foodallergy.org (shhh!!! this is just for members). Each month we’ll post answers from a special guest in the Members Only section of www.foodallergy.org. Check out the impressive list of upcoming featured experts:

Allergist and author, Scott Sicherer, M.D.

International food allergy expert and researcher, Hugh Sampson, M.D.

Pediatric allergist and author, Robert Wood, M.D.

Allergist and researcher, Wesley Burks, M.D.

Pediatric allergist and food allergy parent, Todd Mahr, M.D.

Child psychiatrist and food allergy expert, Eyal Shemesh, M.D.

FAAN CEO, Maria Acebal, J.D.

FAAN Vice President of Education and Outreach, Eleanor Garrow

FAAN Vice President of Advocacy and Government Relations, Christopher Weiss, Ph.D.

AllergyMoms’ founder and life coach, Gina Clowes

FAAN Ambassador Who Cares, allergy-free cookbook author, and food allergy parent, Cybele Pascal

Food allergy musician and advocate, Kyle Dine

Food allergy coach and author, Sloane Miller, L.M.S.W.

International advocate, Sara Shannon

Teen advocate, Kendall Hollinger

Teen advocate, Morgan Smith

Social worker and food allergy parent, Kristen Kauke, L.C.S.W.


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