Cocktail Week, NYC, 2011

Last week the New York Times dining section (my bible) was all about summer cocktails and three ingredient cocktails; even Clean Plate colleague Jared posted about getting "clean" cocktails in NYC here.

I’m not much of a drinker, A. B, mixed drinks have some non-allergy friendly aspects to them. (I’ve written about secret egg whites in some drinks before.) Like bitters? What’s in bitters? No one will exactly tell you and I only go for full transparency in anything I’m consuming.

However, recently I was at Morandi and the bartender wanted to make me a special drink. Before creating it, and knowing I’m an allergic girl, he asked: “Are you okay with egg whites? Are you allergic?” So sweet and no, I’m not. He made me a whiskey sour (my first ever) and it was delish and safe for me.

Bartenders are the best people to tell you what’s going into your drink. Communicate to them about your food allergies and I bet they will make a special drink just for you, even during cocktail week like we’re having in NYC right now.

Any further concerns about allergens, and drinking talk with your board certified allergist about the risks for you. Find qualified allergists at or


There are also a lot of alcohol distilled with allergens such as corn and various nuts. I always stick with a red from Italy and do just fine. I'm actually there now and at the bar with my safe potato chips and a glass of red. Www.mamas
There are also a lot of alcohols distilled using allergens like corn and nuts. I always stick with a red wine from italy or an organic from the US. I'm actually in Italy enjoying a glass now. Www.mamas

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