366 Ways to Go Bananas, Dole, 2012

Dole contacted me recently about a promotion they are running to promote bananas: "366 ways to go Bananas". I didn’t need any convincing to blog this campaign for Dole; bananas are one of my go-to safe snacks, especially when traveling. As they have their own wrapper, they have little to no possibility for contamination. They are also so nutritious: filled with fiber, potassium and lots of natural yummy sugar for a quick healthy lift. For a special treat, I love an healthier version of an Elvis sandwich (Smucker’s organic natural peanut butter & bananas on GF bread) which probably tastes just as delicious with a PB substitute like Soy NutButter, Sunbutter or a tree nut butter. Bananas are top eight allergen free, easily accessible at your local supermarket, here in NYC street vendors sell fresh fruit including bananas on street corners; and economical.

As a special treat, Dole is doing a contest giveaway for my newsletter: coupons good for a month’s worth of bananas for six [6] readers! But you can only win if you sign up here or on the right of this blog. The next newsletter comes out soon so don’t delay. 

*Contest rules: contest open for 24 hours from when newsletters is mailed, winners are picked using random.org and limited to residents in the 50 United States.*

If you are a latex, kiwi, avocado allergic check with your board certified allergist before consuming bananas.


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