Connecting, Food Allergies

On this week’s date with a new guy, he suggested a non-food activity: music at the Blue Note to hear Morley. Afterwards, we went to have a cup of tea at Caffe Dante, one of the few remaining original coffee houses in Greenwich village. A traditional Italian café spot, they have lots of desserts including homemade gelati and sorbetti - many with nuts. 

He asked if I wanted dessert. Of course I said no. But he really, really wanted to get me something besides a mint tea. 
Finally I said, “I have severe food allergies to nuts and nothing in here is really safe. Lots of lovely nutty desserts. But not really any that are safe for me.”

“So, you have your Epi?”

“Yes. I have two in my purse.”

“Is it severe enough that if the pans or tongs have touched nuts…”

“Yes, that could cause a major issue.”

“Hmm. I almost died once. And had to get an injectable.”
See what he just did? Got that food allergies are serious and medical and connected to me and that with his own medical story. Feel like food allergies make you separate, different, other than? You can also use this as a way to connect or someone can use as a way to connect with you.

Food allergic adults, go get your date on!


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