Hosting an Allergic Guest, Tips

*UPDATED March 15, 2012*

Another nice idea, ask your allergic guest if they have favorite brands that they like that you can easily purchase to use in your meal like safe pasta, safe bread, safe cookies.


Tonight, I’m having a secular Shabbat dinner for 12 and there will be an allergic boy in the house. It’s always interesting to host someone with different allergies. J’s allergic to allergic to yeast, dairy, mushrooms and peanuts. And I will have two Kosher guests as well. Think it’s tricky? No problem for this allergic girl.

Above is my shopping cart (yes, those are Peeps you see on top).

Here’s what I’m making, which is top 8 allergen-free:

Corned beef – Mosey’s

Vegan main plate:
Baked sweet potato
Steamed kale & collard greens
Sauteed lentils

Sloane-made peppermint patties
Strawberries & oranges

And here are my best tips in a quick list for hosting an allergic guest:
·      I asked for his full list of allergies, ahead of time
·      I sent him my menu, ahead of time
·      I made slight adjustments to my menu (I scratched using mustard/wine/vinegar, not needed)
·      Anything that had a label or package, I kept
·      All pots, pans & utensils were given a second wash pre-use
·      All highly touched surfaces will get an antibacterial wipe down (I have dairy in my home)          
·      My allergic guest will get a tour of the kitchen, the ingredients & the meal upon arrival if he likes
·      My allergic guest will be the first served if he likes


Do you host allergic girl or boys other than your own? How do you make adjustments?


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