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Food Allergy Counseling
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Monday, January 14, 2013

Udis Gluten Free, Product Reviews

I met with the Udi’s Gluten Free team at Expo East in September 2012, and they had some new products there that I hadn’t seen yet in my local supermarkets; those products are there now. Mainly, French bread and French dinner rolls and their pizzas. They sent me samples to try.

The great: the breads.  Crunchy and crusty on the outside, soft and bread-like on the inside, when these babies are warmed up in the oven it’s almost like eating real bread, at least my memories of it. These two products are a total win.

The really less great: the pizzas. Udi’s Gluten Free has a flattened bread product they call a pizza crust. It’s more like a slightly puffed tortilla and hardens unpleasantly when baked. Sadly, the Udi’s Gluten Free pizzas are simply frozen toppings on that crust which equals something wholly unappetizing and completely unpizza-like. The three pizzas I tried were a total non-win, toppings awful, and "crust" hardened cracker-like substances, tasteless and pretty awful.

 Udi’s Gluten Free: please consdier some more R&D i.e. going back to the drawing board and  creating a yeasty, fluffy, bread-y crust first and then rethinking the flavor profiles of the toppings.

Meanwhile, for your dear readers, I’d stick with the Udi’s Gluten Free white breads, what I think they do best.


Any further questions about their gluten-free status or food allergy policy, please reach out to them directly:

NB: I’m wheat intolerant, not allergic nor celiac; I have been wheat free since 2005 here are some reliable links to the differences between food allergies and food intolerance from AAAAI, WebMD and the NIH.

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TheAL said...

Just had Udi's bread this morning. I keep it frozen and give it a light toast on my convection toaster oven, then dab on some buttery spread. It's actually quite good. In fact I forgot I was eating gluten free bread! :) It's the only one of their products I've tried but I look fwd to trying out others.