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I’ve eaten at Blue Smoke in the Flatiron District of New York City many, many times; I’ve held food allergy events there and worked closely with chefs, management and staff all about food allergy. I haven’t been to Jazz Standard (the jazz club - that’s kid friendly - under Blue Smoke) in some time though and was thrilled to see these additions to their menus, namely symbols for GF and NF dishes. (They also have separate menus as well that list the GF and nut-free items and kids menus.)

Blue Smoke menu at Jazz Standard

I ordered my favorite, the Texas Salt & Pepper beef ribs, and as always, they were delish.

Blue Smoke (the kitchen for Jazz Standard) has all of my needs in their computerized system. Still, like I always do: I called ahead a few days ahead to confirm that they had my food allergy needs and double-checked when the waiter came to take our orders. I confirmed when the order was placed before me and made sure to order well before the show started so I could see my food.

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