Surf Sweets, Review

Disclosure: Unlike Ronald Regan, I’m not a huge jellybean, sour gummy candies nor gummy bear lover. But as I know many of you are, I wanted to try Surf Sweets to report back my findings for you. I’ve heard about Surf Sweets for years from the food allergy community – what a beloved candy manufacturer Surf Sweets is! And I can see and taste why.  Genetically Modified Organism free, gluten-free, casein-free, tree nut free, peanut free – these are treats everyone can enjoy. I taste tested Surf Sweets’ jellybeans, gummy bears, sour berry bears and fruit bears from samples sent to me by Surf Sweets. I liked everything - in truth, they all tasted similar to me flavor profile wise, the major difference was texture - but all delish!

Looking for an option for this coming Easter holiday? Contact Surf Sweets for more info. Looking for some allergen-friendly jellybeans to have on hand, Surf Sweets is a great option. Thank you, Surf Sweets!


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