Food Allergy Coach: Thankfulness

I was a sick kid. Allergic asthma and environmental allergies since I was four years old kept me struggling for breath and health into my late teens. Being ill with asthma and allergies and on daily medication also left me open to other viruses. When anyone in my class got sick, I got very sick. I missed a lot of school, after school activities, play dates and birthdays; generally, I missed out.

However, my senior year of college, when I was abroad at Oxford University something happened; an asthmatic and allergic fog lifted and I was able to join in the world in ways I hadn’t been able to before. (NB: Asthma cycles so it wasn't anything special that I did or drug I took.) This new cycle has lasted twenty years – basically, being the picture of health. I help it along by living as this Harvard University researcher suggests: “Treat your body like you are going to need it for 100 years.”

And, every day that I am well, I am actively thankful. This thankfulness is part of the driving force that keeps me healthy, keeps me expanding my life, my food choices, trying new experiences – striving to enjoy it all as much as possible. Because I remember what sick was like, I’m that much more focused on maintaining a balanced, healthy-for-me lifestyle. And thankful when everything works as it should.


Many of my food allergy coaching clients are newly diagnosed with dietary restrictions like celiac disease, food allergies, EoE, EGID or FPIES or food intolerances and looking for clarity about their medical diagnosis. I help them learn how to talk to their medical providers to get that clarity. Or many of my food allergy coaching clients may have just cycled out of illness and need support in their new life and assistance to reinforce those new choices to keep them healthy. Some are even like me, a lifetime "allergic girl" or "allergic boy" and are looking for new strategies to keep expanding their lives. In my role as a food allergy coach, I’m committed to being the biggest supporter, faithful cheerleader, reliable facilitator and guide for all of my clients as they achieve their goals and the lifestyle, the balance and the health that they desire.


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