Food Allergy Counseling: Kyle Dine, No Reactions Tour 2013

Me & Kyle Dine at a KFA Event September 2012

  • Looking for positive "Allergy Dude" role model energy for your child with food allergies? 
  • Looking for a fun afternoon of songs for your child with food allergies?
  • Looking for the empowering message your child with food allergies that they can manage their lives with food allergies? 
Then look no further than Kyle Dine. In Kyle’s words: “The most important thing to me is raising awareness and education about food allergies.”  A food allergic lifer (like me!), Kyle travels the United States and the world teaching little ones about severe food allergies, anaphylaxis and empowerment through catchy tunes.

Some of his vital food allergy risk management messages are songs called: “Never Keep A Reaction A Secret”, or “Cool Bracelet” (Medic Alert) or “My Epineph-Friend” about epinephrine auto injectors. You can a listen here. Here’s more about his school assembly work and his brochure. Kyle’s tour starts tomorrow April 30, 2013 and here are his dates of now.

This year I’m thrilled to be on of Kyle’s corporate sponsors and to tell you more about Kyle Dine. And to let you know that he has Fall tour dates available. I’ve seen him perform and little kids are not only mesmerized but enchanted, engaged, learning and having a great time.

Kyle is a wonderful advocate for our anaplylactic food allergic community and I’m proud to call him colleague and friend.

Check out Kyle Dine's site, CD and join him on his tour or book him for your little one's school!


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