Cuties Oranges: Product Review

Winter in the North East means citrus season and I always have oranges around in some form all winter long. Right now I have a bag of Navels oranges, some Temples sent to me from Florida and a half bag of cuties sent to me by cuties.

Cuties are clementine oranges that consist of two varieties of mandarins: clementines and W. Murcott. They have a thin peel and very little pith. And no pits, which I love. The taste is sweet like a clementine but with an edge of a bitter bite, like mandarins or tangerines or kumquats. A sophisticated clementine.

Why I especially like clementines is that they are a snack that travels well, no refrigeration needed and they come with their own cross-contact free zone – a peel! They are small, easily fitting into a pocket or purse, are healthy, have fiber and vitamins. Seriously, a no-brainer, top eight food allergen free snack.

Thank you for these delicious samples, Cuties, love’em!


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