Recipe: Nut-free, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Chocolate Chip Frosting

Look at that glorious cupcake with chocolate chip frosting. It’s calling to you isn’t it?
It’s a birthday cupcake that I made for D. He loves, loves, like cannot let one day pass without chocolate. So, I made a dozen cupcakes and one nine inch round cake. All made from scratch with these capable hands!  


The cake is from a box. It’s a good box. King Arthur Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake mix. It’s certified gluten-free. It’s also nut-free and made without diary, too.  And it was my idea to add chocolate chips to it. And I made the frosting by hand. And added chocolate chips to that, too. 

So, that counts as homemade. Really, I promise you it does.

How did I do it?

Here is the King Arthur Gluten-free cake mix label.

The adds in are:

  • 4 eggs. I use Organic Valley
  • Vegetable oil. I use extra virgin olive oil by Lucini.
  • Water. I use tap.
  • Gluten-free Vanilla Extract. I use Bourbon Vanilla by Nielsen-Massey. (No liquor from Kentucky is involved. The “Bourbon" name comes from the beans that are used in that specific extract. They are harvested from Madagascar, which is one of the Bourbon islands.)
  • I added about two handfuls of mini-chocolate chips by Enjoy Life Foods. Top eight allergen free.

For the frosting I altered the recipe on the back of the Dominos Confectioner’s Sugar box recipe. So easy!
 Here’s my frosting recipeHere’s a funny video I made with performer and comedian Rebecca Vigil as we made the frosting.

Gluten-free baking can be tricky (read: major bake fails or buying expensive ingredients you never use again). King Arthur’s makes an excellent product that all my guests (GF and non-GF) love and I love to serve. So really, when are you getting your cake on?


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