Food Allergy Counseling: Family, Holidays and Food Allergies

I read this New York Times opinion piece by Frank Bruni about his Italian American family - On Thanksgiving, an Abundance That's About Much More Than Food and his Thanksgiving which he likens to “…. a forced march, only a catered one, with prosciutto” and thought, even though my family is not Italian American, anyone with food allergies can relate to the sentiment, especially on Thanksgiving. 

Bruni goes on to say: “We Italian-Americans exalt food because we Italian-Americans exalt family. They’re intertwined. Indistinguishable.”

Many cultures express their love through feeding each other. Ahem, I’m looking at you my Jewish brethren. And when you have severe food allergies and cannot indulge in beloved family recipes, sometimes feathers get ruffled. Or worse, rifts can form.

So how do you initiate a loving conversation with extended family about the holiday season? 

Here’s a handy solution for only $1.50, the family e-chapter from my book Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies.

You can download this chapter, Allergic Girl Family Guide to Food Allergies from Barnes & Noble or’s Kindle Store

If you want a more personalized approach, contact me about a short term counseling program today.


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