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Food Allergy Counseling
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Friday, December 19, 2014

Udi’s Gluten-free December 2014 Contest, #EatDrinkBeMerry

Udi's Gluten Free #EatDrinkBeMerry sent me some of my favorite tree nut-free gluten-free bread - white French rolls,  cinnamon raisin bread and bagels and their white bread and bagels -  in support of their contest where *you* can win some of their goodies. 

Here's one of my favorite weekend morning recipes using Udi's white bread: 7 Essential Ingredients for French Toast

Even simpler, yet equally delicious: cinnamon sugar toast. My bubby would make this for me as a snack when I was little and it never disappoints as a snack, breakfast or after dinner treat:

White bread toasted
Generous gobs of butter (or butter substitute)
A mix of cinnamon and sugar, sprinkled on top, in generous amounts.

What’s your favorite treat of any kind? You can submit your recipe entry on or share a recipe using  #EatDrinkBeMerry on social media and be entered to win. 

More details, rules and regulations on the Udi’s website: 

Contest runs through December 31, 2014 so get those recipes in and be entered to win!

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