Food Allergy Counseling: Food Allergy Resources in Spanish

Here are two excellent, reliable resources in Spanish. Please spread them far and wide!

Food Allergy Research & Education has their anaphylaxis action plans in Spanish and English. You can download these free here. has their Living Confidently With Food Allergy handbook in Spanish as well. Here’s the link and here more information about their guide from the website:

"Living Confidently With Food Allergy is a handbook created to get needed information to all that are managing a food allergy. It was designed to give parents the tools they need to keep kids safe while addressing their emotional needs. The handbook was the result of a two year North American collaboration lead by Anaphylaxis Canada. This free, easy to understand resource was written by Dr. Michael Pistiner, Dr. Jennifer LeBovidge and the Anaphylaxis Canada team (Laura Bantock RN, Lauren James, Laurie Harada).  It was reviewed by over two dozen American and Canadian experts."


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