Food Allergy Counseling

Food Allergy Counseling
Sloane Miller, MFA, MSW, LMSW, Psychotherapist; Specialist in Food Allergy Management, Speaking At Mylan Specialty / EpiPen Event (© Noel Malcolm 2013)

Monday, February 01, 2016

Interview: Food Allergy Counseling Client in North Carolina, Working with Sloane Miller

Every day, I receive emails asking me how I work as a psychotherapist and
specialist in food allergy management. To answer this, I interviewed some current clients and asked them three simple questions:

What brought you to counseling with Sloane Miller, LMSW?
What did you hope to happen or change?
What changed for you/how are things different after working with Sloane Miller, LMSW?


What brought you to counseling with Sloane Miller, LMSW?

One of our two food allergic daughters was having anxiety and bouts of panic surrounding eating, especially dining out and at school and we didn't feel equipped to help her. 
What did you hope to happen or change?

I was hoping that someone that had the unique situation of being both a counselor and a food allergic individual would better understand how to help and coach her, like Sloane Miller.  We had fantastic counseling locally dealing with panic and anxiety, but the food piece was a challenge for our therapist because it can be so complex; Sloane was able to help.   

What changed for you/how are things different after working with Sloane Miller, LMSW?

Our daughter's stress level has come way down.  She is still extremely cautious, but the anxiety has been greatly reduced.  Most of all, it has brought down stress for our whole family now that our daughter is feeling more confident with her decisions and our decisions with regard to her food.  Also, we have learned to better prepare ourselves with food in case she is not feeling comfortable.


Thank you for sharing, Nikki, mom of two allergic children

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