Recipe: Carrot Spice Muffins with Orange Glaze: Nut-Free, Gluten-Free

Oozing glaze

Oh, this spice cake mix by Namaste. I cannot stop playing with endless variations; it's a perfect foil for my creative, hungry, cake-loving mind. 

And added BIG BONUS: the finished cake is so good, suitable for so many friends/colleagues and so easy to make and share. Who exactly can enjoy? Those with food allergies to any of the top 7 (it uses eggs); those that are gluten-free or celiac; and even my vegetarian friends (as it’s only mixed with water, oil and eggs).

A comedy colleague’s birthday was coming up and he said he liked carrot cake. (I’m a writer, performer and musical talent on his podcast.) So, I got a box of Namaste Spice mix out of my cupboard and added finely shredded carrot. 

A bite cross-section
And while it baked I thought: since I don’t have cream cheese in my fridge to make a traditional frosting (and I think it would be too heavy for these delicate goodies), what about a glaze made with fresh Cara Cara oranges? 

See pieces of orange and zest? So fresh, so good!

The result? My friend said, with a small tear in his eye: “I want to marry this cupcake. I want to settle down in the country and raise horses, maybe. It doesn't matter as long as I can live the rest of my life with this cupcake."
Yes, he liked the cupcake a lot. And he has no dietary restrictions. Had no idea it was a free from cake.

How to make it?

Follow the directions for carrot cake on Namaste Spice mix and whilst it's baking, whip up this super fresh, easy, vegan, top 8 allergen-free glaze.


Cara Cara Orange Glaze
1 cup confectioners sugar
1 t Cara Cara orange zest
1 T fresh squeezed Cara Cara OJ, plus a few more t to get the glaze the consistency you want.

Wash and scrub a Cara Cara orange. Zest and juice it. Add those yummy things to a cup of sugar, mix to desired consistency. Try not to taste every 5 seconds. No actually, go ahead, it’ll be sweet, zingy, full of fresh orange smell and taste.  When drizzled onto the carrot spice muffins, watch out: there will be a happy explosion of zest and sweet and spice in your mouth. And your friends may want to marry them, and by extension you.


Gratefulfoodie said…
Oh serious yum! I love Cara Cara oranges. These look fabulously moist and seem to be calling my name.

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