Food Allergy Counseling: Talking to the Bartender about #foodallergy

The Happy Circle of Food Allergy Requests

At The Smith Midtown tonight, I told the bartender that I was allergic to nuts and fish before I ordered a glass of rose. I kindly asked if she wouldn't mind washing her hands before serving my drink in case she... and before I could finish my sentence she said, "Absolutely, totally understand, no problem!" 

And off she went to wash her hands. 

When she checked in on me later, I thanked her again for her excellent service. She said, "Of course, it's your health!" I asked her name so I could write to management about her. It was Brooke B The Smith Midtown, and she's there Tuesday nights in case you go

As I sat there sipping my glass of delicious rose, I emailed management giving her name, the location and thanking her and them for their great service and training. Within five minutes of sending that email, Brooke came over to thank me for my email to corporate. Turns out, the Head Corporate Chef happened to be on-site, and showed her my email. Corporate was happy, bartender was happy and I was thrilled and safe. 

Happy Circle of FA Requests.


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