Review: Pure Room, New Brunswick, NJ

Two weekends ago, I made a trip down to New Jersey and found a conveniently located Pure Room at the Hyatt, New Brunswick. I haven’t traveled in an age and with allergies and asthma, hotel rooms can easily be another source of stress, and allergic, asthmatic reactions, when traveling. So, I was super excited to find a Pure Room so near where I needed to be.

I have been following Pure Room's progression since they opened shop in the United States back in 2008. Here’s what I wrote about in my previous stays in Pure Rooms on this blog.
What makes Pure Room special is their seven step process to rid a hotel room of excess allergens and irritants. Learn about it here.

Now, know this: it’s not always been a perfectly executed system and several times when I stayed in rooms in the early days, there were compliance issues between the Pure Room's program and how the third party hotel was implementing or maintaining standards. Still. As someone who has traveled lots and gotten allergic and asthmatics to most rooms when traveling, every little bit helps and knowing I was headed into a Pure Room made me much more confident about my stay.

And indeed, this time at the Hyatt, New Brunswick, I arrived to a feather-free, scent-free room, with a clean refrigerator and an air purifier all set up and ready to go. Heavenly for any Allergic Girl. I slept well, didn’t wake up with allergic or asthmatic issues and generally was very pleased with the entire experience. For an extra $20 added to my room cost, it was worth every dime.

Can’t wait to travel more using Pure Room!


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