Recipe: Swirled Salted Caramel Ice Cream: Tree Nut-Free, Peanut-Free, Egg-Free, Gluten-Free [Sponsored]

Caramel is the stuff of dreams. Two-ingredient no churn vanilla ice cream PLUS a caramel swirl is a dream within a dream, swirled with dreams! And make it so it tree nut-free, peanut-free, egg-free and gluten-free? HEAVEN! 

Share this dessert with friends, family, dinner guests, your physical therapist or your doorman (See my Instagram stories for more about who I share this ice cream with!) and you will be everyone’s dessert heroine!


Reasons why I love this recipe:

I love recipes that use plain, basic ingredients that are just what they are – water, salt, white sugar, cream, milk. 

I love recipes that use ingredients you probably already have on hand (again, water, salt, sugar, milk, cream – you probably have that around) or can find at any local store; these I purchased at my local Fairway.

I love recipes that are mostly hands-off. To make both of these components took about 25 minutes, total. Plus overnight freezing. But freezing’s totally hands-off!

Heavy cream  let’s talk. Most commercial heavy creams have gums and stabilizers, even the organic ones. And that’s fine, I’ve used these brands to make whipped cream my entire life without issue. Typically, gums/stabilizers aren’t nut or fish based (my severe allergens). But given a choice, I’d prefer a cream that’s just cream, especially if I can pick it up at my local Fairway store. And luckily, most regular grocery stores do carry many heavy cream options. My point here is read the labels of everything, even if it seems counterintuitive, read the labels every time, because even heavy cream can have more than one ingredient.

Salt – let’s also talk. All salt is salt, chemically, but grain size is all kinds of different and will definitely affect the outcome of baking/candy making recipes. The Serious Eats recipe upon which mine is based uses Diamond Crystal Kosher salt for the recipe. If you don’t want to buy a new salt, just start with a pinch of table salt or another Kosher salt and see how it tastes. You can always add more salt but you cannot take salt away if you overdo.

Kids (lower and middle school ages) can help to whip cream and add condensed milk and stir – get those little helping hands in there.

Older children (teenagers) can help with the caramel – lots of good chemistry lessons to discuss and also how to handle hot things in the kitchen and don't get distracted!

Label reading is for everyone. Once you have your kids in the kitchen cooking, that's a great time to remind them to always read labels, even for the basics. 

And for children of all ages, there is a sense of mastery and pride when they have a hand in making something that then the whole family eats and enjoys. 

Bottom line: if your kids show even the slightest bit of interest, get them in the kitchen to help cook.

BONUS: If you describe this dessert as “allergen-free” people will be shocked, but it is truly top 7 allergen free (no soy, fish, shellfish, wheat, egg, peanuts or tree nuts). So easy and so delish.


Special equipment - if you want to get fancy
(You probably have these all but if you don't, just use what you have)
Kitchen scale (if you don't have you can totally use measuring cups/spoons)
Pyrex measuring cup (2 cups large at least)
Loaf pan or Tupperware shaped loaf style tub


Recipe: Swirled Salted Caramel Ice Cream: Tree Nut-Free, Peanut-Free, Egg-Free, Gluten-Free 

Make the ice cream to get it chilling in the freezer. 

Lightly adapted from Nigella Lawson and The Kitchn

1 pint (two cups) of heavy whipping cream (use safe for you brand)
1 fourteen-ounce can sweetened condensed milk (use safe for you brand)
1 teaspoon of vanilla (optional)

Whip the cream into soft peaks. Fold in the condensed milk. Mix thoroughly until completely combined and no streaks. Add flavorings if using. Cover with plastic wrap and pop the whole mixing bowl into the freezer while you make the caramel. 

While the no-churn ice cream is chilling, make your caramel. 

Here’s my slightly adapted recipe for Salted Caramel made according to Stella Parks's exact directions because they are just so correct and easy but here they are below, as well. 

Lightly adapted from Stella Parks, Serious Eats

115g water 

240g Domino white sugar 
2g Diamond Crystal kosher salt
225g heavy cream 

Use Stella Parks' exact directions.  Here is my slightly adapted version: 

In a 3-quart stainless steel saucier, combine water, sugar, and salt over medium heat. Stir with a fork until syrup comes to a boil, about 4 minutes, then boil without stirring until syrup is honey-colored, roughly 10 minutes, shaking and swirling as needed to ensure even caramelization. Continue cooking until syrup is light to medium amber, a minute more. Immediately add cream and reduce heat to medium-low.

Stirring constantly with a heat-resistant spatula to knock back the foam, simmer about 3 minutes. Transfer to a heat-resistant container, and cool to room temperature. Caramel will be runny while warm, but thicken as it cools, turning just a little chewy when cold. Refrigerate up to 1 month in an airtight container. 


Let the caramel cool first on the counter then pop in the fridge for some extra cooling time. Go have dinner, or workout or hang with loved ones. 

After about two hours, grab the bowl of chilled ice cream mixture from the freezer and be ready to work quickly. Into a Tupperware that’s loaf sized with a top, layer in first ice cream, then a ¼ cup drizzle of caramel. Continue until you hit just a ½ inch from the top. No need to swirl, it will do that for you. Magic! 

Self-swirling magical dessert!
Put the top on the Tupperware, pop back into the freezer and go live your life. Around 6-8 hours later, it’s dessert time. 


Thank you Fairway Market for sponsoring* this delicious allergen-friendly recipe!


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