Food Allergy Counseling: Road Trip Checklist, Columbus, OH

Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel driving to California episode, 1955

In a few weeks, I’m driving from New York City to Columbus Ohio for a wedding. I haven’t taken a long road trip in forever, so I thought I’d share my #foodallergy #allergicgirl planning for this trip. 

NB: Most of these items were done at least 8 weeks before trip, except for fresh food packing and cute outfit selection.

Find hotel near wedding venue with kitchens or kitchenettes
Speak to hotel about booking allergen-friendly, scent free, feather-free rooms
If dining at hotel, ask concierge to connect with chef about food allergy needs and dining in, follow up via email and again on-site

Find the best local ER – make note of the addresses
Find 24 hour pharmacies – make note of the addresses
Find the supermarkets – make note of the addresses
Find the farmers markets – make note of the addresses
Find the nearest local Chipotles (or your fave, safe national chain restaurant) – make note of the addresses

Renew/purchase AAA membership
Order Triptik and maps from AAA
Look up online chat boards on best route
Check highway rest stop exits to map out
Check car – does it need oil, water, tire rotation, windshield wiper fluid?

Contact any Columbus, OH friends, ask them what’s fun to do 
Research local attractions and keep running list of fun stuff to do

Check all emergency medicines are up to date in travel kit
Order new medicines as needed
Check medic alert bracelet information is up to date

Pack extra set of cooking utensils, pots, pans as needed
Pack dish washing sponge and dishwashing soap
Pack disposable utensils and plates
Pack kitchen cleaning materials (e.g. Lysol or Clorox bleach wipes, etc..)
Pack shelf stable foods like homemade granola, dried fruit, fruit juices, etc..
Pack pre-cut raw fruits, raw veggies; cooked food (e.g. chicken, baked potatoes, boiled eggs)


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