Review: Residence Inn Marriott, Framingham, MA

Residence Inn Marriott, Framingham, MA

Back in March, I went up the Boston area for my great uncle’s 100th birthday! (Yes, 100 years old and sharp as a tack!) and my mother booked us a hotel nearby, Residence Inn Marriott, Framingham, MA. From the moment we walked in, I was Allergic Girl heaven: full, clean kitchen, clean room, no scent, no feather pillows and no feather duvet. I had made all of the requests but very often when you check in, they haven’t been done and the room has to be re-done. So what a pleasure that they listened to my requests!

Residence Inn Marriott kitchen!

They had laundry on site as well as a gym and a pool. It was a small hotel in a small town outside of Boston but they couldn’t have been more accommodating and perfect for my Allergic Girl needs.

I liked it so much, I booked another Residence Inn in Columbus Ohio next month, a converted bank in downtown. I’m looking forward to another positive experience. Will review that hotel as well!


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