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I “met” Kortney Kwong Hing through Instagram two years ago. She’s also an allergic girl with food allergies since childhood who felt, rightly so, that there aren’t enough adults with food allergies talking about living our best lives so she started a blog in 2015, called Allergy Girl Eats

We can all relate, right? 

She’s a Canadian, living in Germany with her husband, traveling the world -- for realz! She’s co-founder of the Allergy Travels project, check it out here, and navigating living well with food allergies.

You can find her at her blog: Allergy Girl Eats.

She interviewed me for her blog recently and I opened up about my experience as a child being bullied for asthma, by my gym teachers, some of my favorite things to eat right now, and most importantly, advice to my younger Allergic Girl self. 

Read more here:

Thank you, Kortney!


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