Allergic Girl and Padma Lakshmi

When I was in Miami for the Miami Book Fair International, I had a chance to interview Miss Top Chef herself: Padma Lakshmi. Her new cookbook, TANGY TART HOT & SWEET was just pubbed and she’s been on tour promoting it like crazy. [Bravo also just finished shooting the next season of Top Chef in Chicago -- get ready. PS: It’s a three week shoot--no wonder they're all so exhausted by the end!]Because I know you want to know: Yes, she is that beautiful (even with the sniffles which she had during that weekend); yes, she is that cool and smart; and yes, the girl can cook!

You can get the spicy low-down on


allergic diner said…
What fun! I'm a die hard top chef fan too (I keep writing in to suggest they throw the chefs a curveball by having them create a dish and then have them alter it for an allergic patron).
Wishing you a very happy new year. I will soon be reentering the blogosphere!
Allergic Girl® said…
that's a great idea--have they written back? ;-)

happy new year to you and looking forward to your bloggy return.

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