The E. U. Restaurant, NYC

Two weeks ago, the Fab Foodie Four--a more fun, supportive, safe and understanding group of foodie colleagues this Allergic Girl couldn't hope for, thank you guys!--descended upon the gastropub, The E.U. Restaurant, in order to check it out before the Executive Chef Akhtar Nawab leaves to open his own restaurant.

Before going, I spoke with General Manager Victoria about the Allergic Girl sitch. She was understanding and sympathetic and said the Chef would be happy to accommodate my requests. Indeed, my meal at The E.U. was gluten, fish, soy, dairy and tree-nut free.

Thank you Chef, GM Victoria, our server Abby [with the cute haircut] and The E.U. staff for all of your efforts!


My dinner wasn’t particularly...innovative. I had a burger. Yes, another one. It wasn’t a great burger either: it was overcooked [read: dry] and not well seasoned. Ah, well.

I appreciate that The E.U. listened to my needs and I had no allergy issues. Yay! However, I was hoping for something more in the way of an “accommodation”.

So, my quest to find an allergy-free meal that's also delicious continues...


ZM said…
Sigh. Burgers.

Why is it when I give the list of allergens, we end up with a hunk of ground meat? At least Legal Sea Foods, out here in MA, offers me a change of pace: a hunk of seafood.

Still, I'll take it.
Allergic Girl® said…
lol, thank you for hearing my pain... ;-) another burger!

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