Hi-Life, NYC

We contributed to Iron Man’s blockbuster weekend with an afternoon viewing at The Ziegfeld. It was OK. Behar gave it a solid B. I liked it at the time, couldn’t tell you know what it was about though.

Afterward we were looking for a pubby burger spot and I remembered Hi-Life. There used to be three of these spots around town: the one on east 72nd street was recently razed for a highrise. Say that a few times fast.

Known for fish tanks, leather padded walls and a dark and cozy good time, I was glad to see the west side still kicking. And it was exactly what we wanted. We both got burgers.

Here was the surprise: I ordered mine no bun, fries on the side for Behar and that’s how it came. No big convo, no I can’t have this or that and then it showing up wrong.

Maybe it’s because we ate at the bar that this order went so smoothly. I swear there is something about being eye level with your server helps and the fact that there’s no runner involved. Your bartender takes the order and serves the order. It’s a rare occurrence that I’ve been served a total disaster at the bar.

Unless they’re putting unwanted things in my drink.


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