Kinhaven Music School, Event, May 2008

Small, intimate New York events happen every night in this town, on all kinds of scales for all kinds of reasons. Every now and then I’m treated to an event like this. Last night was just such an affair to support Kinhaven Music School in Vermont: a gathering of friends, supporters, alumnae and artists at the Harlem home of Richard Brice, noted viola player.

I have seen him perform many times with An Die Musik and An Die Musik’s founder Connie Emmerich invited me to last night’s event to celebrate Kinhaven. From what she tells me it is truly a wonderful place for young talents to go and study for the summer, in a nurturing non-competitive environment.


Why am I telling you dear allergic readers about this, as it’s neither food nor restaurant related? Mainly because I just adore chamber music—it places me in a completly relaxed state. And because living with allergies and asthma can put one in a very NON-relaxed state especially if your asthma is raging or something you’ve just eaten has your throat itching or you’ve been glutenized and your tummy is gurgling.

Evening program:

I seek out ways to get to that relaxed and happy place. The Brandenburg concertos are one of those places for me. So it was an extra treat to hear the fifth concerto played live, 10 feet away; chamber music played a la chambre.

PS I had a chance to talk about the state of theater today with everyone’s favorite television psychiatrist and germaphobe: Niles Crane! Yes, the incomparable David Hyde Pierce was there to support friends and was gracious and polite, a lovely seeming man and good conversationalist!


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