Café D’Alcase, NYC

Went to brunch two Sundays ago with the lovely Casilda at one of her neighborhood faves: Cafe D'Alsace.

It was brunch, an easier meal for this Allergic Girl since I’m not allergic to eggs, so I didn’t do the whole call ahead thing. And Casilda is one of my “safe” people, meaning that she would understand if I couldn’t find anything suitable to eat there or felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave. [Get your safe people in place, it makes all the difference to dine out without judgment!]

I did start by talking with our waiter Duane who reassured me that the potatoes were sautéed not deep fried and no flour was used anywhere, a clean pan would be used for my eggs and that generally the kitchen could handle my needs without issue. [He even mentioned they don’t use a roux. What server talks to patrons about roux? I haven’t heard one do that in a long while].

Duane told us it was very common to get allergy requests, they were very used to it and the kitchen was very prepared to handle them.

Hmmm interesting and yay!

He checked on us several times after brunch was served to make sure I was ok and the food was safe. Great.

When we were done I had to ask him: who trained them about food allergies and food intolerances? Duane said, “Management.” In this case management is the team that owns several restaurants owned by Simon Oren that I have been to safely here in NYC including: Nice Matin,Marseille and 5 Napkin Burger.

My brunch of a mushroom omelet with roasted potatoes was yum and safe. I will have to try them for dinner and see how they do… but for now they get points for good communication, training and a good happy brunch.

Cafe D'Alsace
1695 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10128
(212) 722-5133


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