Sweet, Food Festival

Was at the NYC Wine and Food Festival last night to go to Sweet. I went with Fab Foodie One, Shari Bayer, to check out the scene. Of course I couldn’t really sample much. However, we did bump into a nice woman who is wheat intolerant ["not celiac," she clarified] and she was happily sampling away.

Fab Foodie One and I chatted with Chef Dave Martin and Danyelle Freeman, Restaurant Girl. We bumped into Marcus Samuelsson and Chef Francios Payard. [Payard once threw me and my dear friend out of his jerky UES Payard outpost because she had her baby and stroller with her. How dare she bring a stroller into his inner santucm?! Needless to say, I did not say hello to him].

I took some atmos pictures so you could get a feel for the event. Most people were quite well dressed which is a departure from the Florida event, where shorts and drinking hats seemed the norm. The space, la. venue, was nicely laid out with Target setting off a living room type feel before one proceeded to the stretch of sampling stations from some of the best spots in NYC. The below pictures are all from the samples areas.


The Evian station, they kept all Sweeters hydrated:

Dessert from The Modern, so pretty:

The NYTimes is giving out T-cakes:

Kyotofu desserts [all soy based, the only "healthy" thing at Sweet]

Infamous Levain bakery cookies [nut-laden to be sure]:

Ono Candy Sushi:

Champagne Station on the way out or on the way back in, in case you were thirsty for some bubbly:


Upon exciting, grown people were holding their tummies saying "Too much" and "I over did it" and "Too sweet". But dollies, isn't that what you came to see and do? Sweet, the event, clearly delivered; a No Trick, All Treat for the discerning foodie/Food Network lover.


The villager: said…
Your blog is great.

Perhaps you can answer a question ?

We recently took a flight, and were told that no passengers could eat nuts on the journey because one person had a nut allergy. Could an allergic person really be threatened by someone eating nuts at the other end of the plane ?
Meg said…
They may not have been bothered by nuts at the other end of the plane, but it would be very hard to set a safe limit behind which you could eat nuts, and then expect those people to not go anywhere near the allergic person. I have several severe allergies, including an airborn one to soy. If I am any where near even the smallest amount of soy, including someone who has recently eaten it or has it on their hands, my throat will close.

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