Domino’s Pizza, Transparency

Apparently, "transparency" is the new black in restaurant practices, which is great news for the food allergic and food intolerant community.

Last week, in the Orlando Sentinel article about Darden group’s Red Lobster and their new allergen menu roll out (disclosure: I am also quoted in this article), they mentioned the T-word: "After recently disclosing nutritional information for every item on all of our menus, the allergen menu is a natural next step in our commitment to transparency and our belief that guests benefit from access to information about what's on our menu," spokesman Mark Jaronski said in an e-mail."

And now, Domino’s Pizza kinda cool new media campaign as reported by Nation's Restaurant News:

"How many times have you wondered why the products you buy don't look as good in person as they do in TV ads?" said Russell Weiner, Domino's Pizza chief marketing officer. "That's because most of the time companies use artificial techniques to make their products look better than they do when served to you in person." Domino's said the real food photos are part of its "transparency" campaign with customers, which kicked off last year with the introduction of an overhauled pizza in response to negative comments from its guests. "It's a natural progression for us now to take this step," Weiner added. "If we're going to be real and honest about the taste of the product, we want to be as authentic as possible about how it looks."

Keep an eye out for it ("transparency") and let me know where else you see or read it.


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