Red Lobster, Allergies

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Red Lobster (part of the Darden group) is rolling out an allergen-menu of sorts (and they quote me.) Some WFD members have told me within the last year that they have had great success with Red Lobster. Are you one of them? Share, please.


Anonymous said…
Being allergic to shellfish, I don't think I would risk even walking into a Red Lobster.

And, the last anaphylactic reaction I had was at another Darden restaurant, Olive Garden, where the staff cooked my pasta in the same pan that a table mate's pasta, which contained shrimp, even after I asked the staff to notify the kitchen that I was allergic to shellfish and asked that they use a fresh pan.

So, while I appreciate the effort that Darden corporate is making, I think they need to spend a little more time training the staff on the ground in how they can reduce the risk of cross-contamination and such before I will attempt to eat at another Darden restaurant.
NotNutty said…
I've always had great success with R.L. Managers always come out to greet me, and they double check anything I ask them to. I don't have any problems there.

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