My Life In Food, Allergic Girl

*** Here's the segment on YouTube.***

Friday, September 24, 2010, at 930pm EST & Friday, October 1, 2010 at 12:30pm I’m going to be on My Life in Food, a new series produced by Al Roker Entertainment for the Cooking Channel.

I know, OMG.

The Al Roker Entertainment crew and I spent some quality time together talking all things food allergy: they came with me as I had a sit down with a Worry-free Dinners partner restaurant; a food allergy coaching client and I went food shopping; and I talked with an allergist colleague all about food allergy definitions and diagnosis.

Ironically, during the shoot, one of the production assistants revealed that she had a banana and latex allergy and doesn’t carry her epinephrine auto-injector or have an allergist locally. But, she told me she felt inspired to take better care of her food allergy needs because of working together on the segment. So excellent!

It was an honor to explore the needs, concerns, hopes and dreams of the food allergic community on camera for a wider audience. Like the PA, I hope the segment inspires any one of you who may have been feeling fearful or shy about your food allergic needs to know that you aren't alone, there is support for you and you can totally go out to dinner, like every night, if you want. (Here are my tips on how.)

"My Life in Food" airs Fridays at 9:30PM EST on the Cooking Channel. Here in NYC, The Cooking Channel is on channel 51 on Time Warner Cable, channel 166 on FIOS - channel 217 on RCN. Look for My Life in Food on your local station and let me know what you think!


marylandceliac said…
Congrats! I'm so excited to watch the show! So glad to see something like this. Now, we need a gf and allergy-free regular show on the Cooking Channel or Food Network!
Yeah! Allergy free eating is getting on TV! I am starting an allergy free bakery in McMinnville, OR (just selling at markets at this point as I still have little ones at home). Excited to hear and see more of you and your great ideas! Please come check out Ruby Cakes (with the pretty red logo) on Facebook if you have time, would love to have your support!
Within Demise said…
I saw your episode and it was great! I'm allergic to Carrageenan (and possibly all seaweed, we're not sure) so it's great to see stuff on TV about how to eat around your allergies and still be able to eat great foods!

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