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When the Federal Trade Commission came out with their blogger ruling in 2009, I took that as an opportunity to clarify, again, what my sampling policy is as it pertains to this food allergy lifestyle blog. Since it’s been some time, I’d thought I’d go over again how I sample products for my food allergic needs and this blog.

My criterion is first and foremost: is it safe?
Does it contain any of my allergens?
Does it contain any of my food intolerances?
Are the ingredients listed in plain English?
Are the labels compliant with the FALCPA labeling law?
Do the ingredients contain anything that might be a question mark for me? 

How transparent is the company about manufacturing procedures and allergens in their facility?
Can I find out more about this company by calling them or on their website?
Do they have a clear product FAQ that makes sense?
Do they have a clear (or any) allergen policy?
Do they have ingredients listed on their website for the product that are consistent with the labels?
Are they easy to get into touch with for further questions via email or phone?
When I get in touch does the person answering the phone understand my questions, been trained on allergens and allergen policies and do they know how to communicate that information?

If I am satisfied the quality of this information, then I try the product.

If there is no allergic or intolerant response, I move on to the taste factor. Do I like the product? Would I eat it again? Would those who don’t maintain a gluten-free, soy-free, diary-free, nut- and fish-free diet like it? Would I go into a store and buy it?

When I get yeses all across the board, I might review on this blog, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest

And then there's the ultimate: things that I love become staples in my home or cabinet, that become trusted and valued brands that I turn to again and again.

Do you have trusted brands that you love, that have passed all of your safe criteria?


Jennifer Buteau said…
I really like this post! I think this would be handy for all food allergy newbies (and vets) to read. Thanks!

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